First Preserves: Marmalades – enhanced ebook


Vivien Lloyd, one of the country’s leading authority on preserves, Piccontinues to offer First Preserves: Marmalades on iBooks®, featuring recipes that can be made throughout the year. It combines the interactive nature of the iPad® with elements of Vivien’s acclaimed first book, also entitled First Preserves. She tests all her recipes in her beautiful Somerset kitchen, using locally-sourced produce, often from her own orchard. She is passionate about her craft and is a keen advocate of traditional preserve making.

This multi-touch iBook offers detailed explanations of each stage of the preserving process, from the preparation to how to fill and seal the jars, with galleries of informative colour photographs and embedded video. All the details Vivien wished she could find, when first making marmalades 25 years ago

A helpful “Define, Highlight, Note and Search” facility allows the reader to obtain definitions, explore further information online and set up a personal notebook to record all their thoughts during the preserving process. All the equipment needed for successful marmalade-making is described, with direct links to suppliers’ websites.

PicFirst Preserves: Marmalades also features the original book’s popular chapter on competitions, utilising Vivien’s extensive judging experience by providing anyone planning to enter a preserves competition with that crucial edge. Vivien offers advice on preparing for the competition, divulges the key elements that judges are looking for and reveals the common faults in unsuccessful entries.

All the recipes in the book advocate Vivien’s strong belief that preserve-making is a simple science. She says: ‘Follow a few straightforward rules and you have an inexpensive and rewarding activity you can enjoy over and over.’ Marmalades also make great inexpensive gifts.

With First Preserves: Marmalades, Vivien aims to bring the tradition of marmalade-making to a new audience. Informing and inspiring beginners and enthusiasts alike to get into the kitchen to make this popular preserve, and to perhaps even experience the excitement of entering a competition.

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