Raspberry & Chocolate Jam and Devonshire Splits Make & Bake class

The summer months herald the arrival of our soft fruit season. Join me at The Pony Chew Valley for a Raspberry & Chocolate Jam and Devonshire Splits class.

Find out what makes a great jam and how to get consistent results. Preserve the flavour of raspberries blended with gourmet chocolate to make a luxurious jam.

Learn how to make an enriched dough and transform it into a batch of Devonshire Splits, filled with jam and clotted cream.

Finish the class with three jars of Raspberry and Chocolate Jam and nine Devonshire Splits to enjoy at home.

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Marmalade Masterclass Reviews


Absolute best masterclass I’ve taken, thank you so much Vivien! I can’t wait to get started. What a wonderful team you and your husband make ❤❤❤

Thank you so much!!!! The demo was informative and very professionally done! Am trying to hunt down cane sugar and top organic oranges which seem to be available online from S’bury’s now

I hope to win the village prize this year for my marmalade – I got 2nd before covid stopped village fetes, oh, this is a village in Scotland where they really know their marmalade 🤞 thank you @vivienlloyd

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