Three Fruit Marmalade Masterclass

With a few months to wait until Seville oranges are available in the shops, how would you like to develop your skills, learning how to make marmalade with all year round citrus and have some fresh marmalade suitable to gift during the festive season? 

Three Fruit Marmalade recipeJoin me via Zoom ( You don’t need the Zoom app)

During a 90 minute class, with a maximum of  around 12 participants, watch me demonstrate live the following stages of making marmalade:

Source the best grapefruits lemons and oranges

Prepare the fruit from juicing to slicing the peel

Filling a muslin bag with pith and pips

Slicing peel

Cooking the fruit

Checking pectin

Adding the sugar and boiling to a set.

Testing for pectin and setting point 

Adding spirit to make a Merry Marmalade 

Skimming and potting up the marmalade.

There will be time for questions once the marmalade is made and when the jars are filled with a brightly coloured preserve.  By the end of the class you will be inspired to either make marmalade for the first time or develop your existing marmalade making skills. The class fee includes access to a  How to Make Marmalade video. It mirrors the stages covered in the live class and lists the recipe. Also, you will have a link to my popular post “What’s wrong with my Marmalade recipe?” 

My methods for making marmalade are unique, following a traditional method I learnt almost thirty years ago and I am excited to share my knowledge virtually for the first time.

Why wait? Book today! 

To book for Saturday the 29th October at 9AM please click here

If you have any difficulty booking, please email a note of what you would like to book, to and I will send you an Invoice which will be easy to pay