Marmalade Clinic : Solve your marmalade problems.

Make Orange MarmaladeIf for you, January means making marmalade, do you view the arrival of Seville oranges a delight or do you have recurring problems transforming the bitter oranges into great marmalade?

The most popular post on my website, viewed over 50k times is “What’s wrong with my marmalade, it won’t set?” During my years teaching preserves I’ve been asked many of the same questions about problems with marmalade.

I think the majority of them can be traced back to the marmalade recipe. Since the advent of the Internet, you are spoilt for choice when searching for a recipe. Frequently the methods remind me of a Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge, as the information in the recipe is incomplete. 

Too often the weights of fruit and sugar are unbalanced, for example listing equal quantities of fruit and sugar. The volume of water is often insufficient to soften the peel before adding the sugar. The type and method used with a muslin bag fails frequently to release enough pectin, crucial when making marmalade. Reducing the weight of sugar and using anything other than granulated cane sugar causes a range of problems.

Boiling marmalade to a set and testing for a set should be short and fuss free, but many recipes suggest prolonged boiling and set tests that are a distraction. Information about what to do with the jars before and after potting up is often misleading.

If this year you would like to resolve your marmalade problems, book a 30 minute 1:1 zoom class with me. All times are British Standard Time.

When you book you will be given access to my award winning marmalade recipe, a how to make marmalade video and my most popular blog “What’s wrong with my marmalade, it won’t set? 


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