Fruit Curds Recipes for Spring

From the end of March to the beginning of June my preserving calendar is quiet. There is little for me to do except check my stocks of jars and make fruit curds; the quality of citrus fruit can be excellent at this time of year. Fruit curds are a decadent alternative to jam. They are popular as a spread and as a baking ingredient.

If you are new or experienced in making curds look no further than Fruit Curds: Make and Bake my fourth enhanced ebook. It leads you through the simple process of making and baking with traditional fruit curds using reliable recipes. Beautiful, illustrated recipes will entice you to make and bake with luscious curds. I test all my recipes in our beautiful Somerset kitchen. When making curds I always use granulated cane sugar, for the best colour and flavour.

lemon curd sponge torte


What does Fruit Curds: Make and Bake Enhanced eBooks include?

There are detailed explanations of each stage of the curd-making process, from the preparation to how to fill and seal the jars, illustrated with galleries of colour photographs and embedded videos. It has tried-and-tested recipes for making and baking with a range of different curds

A Define, Highlight, Note and Search facility allows the reader to obtain definitions, explore further information online and set up a personal notebook. All the equipment needed for making and baking with curds is described, with direct links to suppliers’ websites, in the US, UK and Australia.
A section on competitions provides anyone planning to enter a curd competition with that crucial edge, as I offer advice on preparing for the competition, divulge the key elements that judges are looking for and reveal the common faults in unsuccessful entries.

I have attempted to provide a definitive guide to making traditional fruit curds. Once made,there will be many opportunities to use them in cookery, especially in cakes, pastries, desserts and biscuits. The section with recipes for making and baking with curds provides inspiration for further experimentation with flavours and recipes. I hope you enjoy them!

Fruit Curds: Make and Bake