Preserves Masterclasses 2023

I taught my last face to face preserves class in February 2020, unaware that the following two years would see the closure of Denman College, where I taught the majority of preserving courses and other venues forced to close for months at a time due to COVID restrictions. Apart from immersing myself in all things sourdough, I had time to think about how I would teach once restrictions were eased. I signed up for a number of online classes and discovered I was learning new skills but missed the camaraderie of working with others and learning directly from a tutor in person. 

Teaching preserving online in real time seemed a challenge. For example, a batch of marmalade takes an hour or so to prepare, an overnight soak, a two- three hour cook to finish. It was impractical unless there were plenty of “ Blue Peter moments” to help. I decided a 90 minute class with a mixture of photos and live demonstration might work.

In January 2022 I started with two dates for Marmalade Masterclasses and due to demand taught five.

Marmalade Masterclass Reviews


Absolute best masterclass I’ve taken, thank you so much Vivien! I can’t wait to get started. What a wonderful team you and your husband make ❤❤❤

Thank you so much!!!! The demo was informative and very professionally done! Am trying to hunt down cane sugar and top organic oranges which seem to be available online from S’bury’s now

I hope to win the village prize this year for my marmalade – I got 2nd before covid stopped village fetes, oh, this is a village in Scotland where they really know their marmalade 🤞 thank you @vivienlloyd

In November with Festive season looming, I plan at least two live courses as well as video courses for you to view and learn at your own pace. The whole season of courses will include some of my favourite recipes for desserts, biscuits, drinks, chutney, mincemeat, and marmalade, to make and share as Edible Gifts.

All of my Masterclasses include access to videos and recipes to download. Plenty of time is factored in for questions, during the live classes.

To keep up to date with Masterclass availability, follow me on Instagram, Twitter @VivienLloyd and on Facebook, Vivien Lloyd- Preserves Tutoring.