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Devonshire Splits and Raspberry& Chocolate Jam Masterclass ,

Thursday 16th June at 6.30PM, planned to last up to 90 minutes.


Also known as Chudleighs, a market town in Devon, England, Devonshire Splits are small sweet yeasted buns with a pale golden crust and a light texture. Once baked they are covered with a dusting of icing sugar and when cold split down the middle and filled with jam and cream. The jam is usually strawberry but I like to fill them with an indulgent raspberry and chocolate jam. The cream is usually clotted cream although double cream, whipped to a thick consistency is good if  clotted cream is hard to find.

Devonshire Splits are popular as an alternative to a cream tea with scones. As they are filled split down the middle, that avoids having the recurring debate about how to layer scones, jam or cream first? Also, as someone who struggles to bake identical scones in batches Devonshire Splits are more straightforward and freeze well.

Raspberries and Chocolate are frequently found together as ingredients in baking. As their flavours blend well together they are an obvious combination for a jam. Raspberry jam is one of the easiest jams to make; adding chocolate raises it to another level.


If you join one of the master classes, you will have access for around a year to the recipes for the Devonshire Splits and Raspberry & Chocolate Jam Masterclass made during the masterclass.

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