Festive Preserves and Baking

The sections of the course are listed below. If you click on the name of the section you will be taken to the video(s)and recipe(s) for that section.

Mincemeat and Mince PiesTraditional favourites with a modern twist.

Discover the origin of uncooked mincemeat, how to make it over a few days and how to store it for up to a year. Use it to make Mince pies, made with a shortcrust pastry and top the pies with a rich frangipane dusted with flaked almonds.

Plum and Date Chutneya traditional chutney with an outstanding flavour and a great gift

Learn how to make a rich, dark slow cooked chutney to eat with cold meat, cheese and serve with canapés. Set aside a few hours to transform a collection of fruit, spice and vinegar into a smooth and bright coloured chutney.

Three DrinksMy favourites for the festive season and the months to come.

Embrace the festive season and learn how to make Raspberry Gin and Lemon and Chilli Vodka. Quick to make, you will just need patience until they are ready to bottle. For those seeking a non alcoholic drink, try my Apple and Ginger Punch recipe.

Three Fruit Marmaladea surprise before the Seville orange season.

Lose yourself in the mindful activity of making marmalade. An authentic recipe made with easily sourced citrus fruit and a proper weight of sugar to give a balanced flavoured marmalade, with a gelled consistency and bright colour.

Cranberry Torte with Hot Toffee Brandy Saucea fruity alternative to Christmas Pudding

Extend your repertoire of desserts with a decadent cranberry torte and a luscious creamy brandy sauce. Made from fresh or frozen cranberries, a show stopping dessert not just for Christmas.

Chocolate Nut Cookies and Parmesan and Herb BiscuitsFamily favourites.

Impress your family and friends with melt in the mouth sweet cookies and crisp savoury biscuits. Two of my favourite recipes for you to make as edible gifts, or to keep for yourself.